Rabbit Diet 4lb Bags Whole Animal Rabbit Patties 4 lb Bags (8 - 1/2 lb patties/bag) 32 lb Case: 8 bags/case .. Product #: 2005 Regular price: $0.00 CAD $0.00 CAD

Rabbit Diet 4lb Bags

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Both dogs and cats enjoy the delicate flavor of the Carnivora Whole Animal Rabbit. It is one of Nature's great food animals. Rabbits produce whitish meat that is fine-grained, high in protein, and can be substituted for poultry. Rabbit is lower in fat and therefore valuable for weight reduction or suitable for less active pets. It is a good alternative protein source for the allergy sensitive, pets, those with heart disease or as part of variety in any dog or cat’s weekly menu.

SKU : 2005

Product Dimensions

Width : 10 in

Height : 9.879 in

Length : 16 in

Weight : 32 lb


Our chief scientist Mother Nature is pleased to offer you some of her finest work.

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