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Pork Diet 4lb Bags

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Pork Diets differ from the Pork Dinners because they do not contain fruit or vegetable matter.

Commonly pork has been referred to as “the other white meat”! In fact, pork is actually considered a red meat. This is because all cloven-hoofed animals, like pigs, are classified as “red”. It is the most commonly consumed red meat worldwide, especially in eastern Asia. Being high in protein and rich in many vitamins and minerals, lean pork can be an excellent addition to a healthy diet for your pet. Pork contains varying amounts of fat depending on the level of trimming and various other factors. The fatty acid composition of pork is slightly different from the meat of ruminant animals, such as beef and lamb. It is low in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and is slightly richer in unsaturated fats.

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Width : 10.25 in

Height : 10.25 in

Length : 16.25 in

Weight : 32.00 lb


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