Duck Diet 4lb Bags Whole Animal Duck Patties 4 lb Bags (8 - 1/2 lb patties/bag) 32 lb Case: 8 bags/case .. Product #: 2007 Regular price: $0.00 CAD $0.00 CAD

Duck Diet 4lb Bags

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Like other meats, duck is an excellent source of high quality protein containing a well-balanced array of amino acids. Duck also contains generous amounts of iron, phosphorus, zinc, copper, selenium, and lesser amounts of the minerals potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, A, C and folic acid. Duck is rich in faty acids. It is an excellent food for performance or highly active dogs or as a novel protein source for allergic pets. For pets that require a lower fat diet, duck can still be fed, although less often or in smaller portions per meal is recommended.

SKU : 2007

Product Dimensions

Width : 10.25 in

Height : 10.25 in

Length : 16.25 in

Weight : 32.00 lb


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