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While it is commonly agreed that food is the best source for nutrients, a wholesome raw diet does not necessarily mean that your pet is getting optimal amounts of the nutrients he or she needs.

When nutrients are not present in the soil, they cannot be present in foods. The food chain plays an important role in the nutrition of your pet. For instance, plants take up nutrients from the soil, grazing or browsing animals get their nutrients from the plants and carnivores obtain their nutrient requirements from both the plants and animals they consume. Healthy bodies are connected to healthy soil. If any element is inadequate in the soil, it will also be inadequate in the foods your pet eats and he or she may not be properly nourished. Unfortunately, modern methods of agriculture are not only depleting the soil of precious minerals, they are also destroying the ability of plants to be able to utilize these elements. Consequently, food is often nutritionally deficient right from the start.

Historically, nutritional deficiencies were only recognized if they actually manifested as diseases. If a dog or cat had no overt symptoms or disease, they were regarded as healthy. Today, we are beginning to recognize mild and moderate nutritional deficiencies, the symptoms of which may be often subtle. Many times these symptoms are taken for granted as being part of the aging process when in fact they may be signs that respond to nutrient supplementation and/or dietary improvements.

Supplementation not only protects against deficiency but also bridges the gap between average nutrition and optimum nutrition. The extra nutrients that supplements provide prevents free radicals from harming healthy cells, speeds the repair and regeneration of damaged cells, and facilitates renewal. The upshot of all this is a longer, healthier, more vital life for your pet.

The nutrients in Earthorigins simply and conveniently enhance the healthy diet you feed your pet. Earthorigins daily supplement contains a spectrum of naturally occurring nutrients; vitamins, macro and micro minerals, and phytonutrients from spirulina, sea vegetables and montmorillonite minerals.

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